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German made premium impression material. By creamy initial consistency and optimized thixotropic behaviour a convenient dispensing is guaranteed. Its excellent detail drawing, scanability and ease of use are further highlights.

Detailed Specification

  • 8 x 50ml Double Cartridge
  • 34 Shore A
  • Level of detail: High
  • Set time: 2:30 – 3 mins
  • Mixing Tips: AM2
  • Cartridge Type: S50
  • Application: ITC, CIC, IIC and ear moulds
  • Colour: Orange

Pro3dure Medical is well known in Germany for its high quality earmould manufacturing and impression materials

The company’s philoso­phy, which is directed to satisfying the specific needs of our customers, is based on an innate strategic imperative that from the beginning was the driving force behind the research and development of innovative solutions for audiology.


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