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  • Including calibration

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Made in Denmark. Lead time on orders is 14 days.

Even though the Primus Ice is small (no larger than an envelope), it is fully equipped to carry out comprehensive pure-tone and speech audiometry. You will find the standard, classic tests in the Primus Ice, such as HTL, UCL, BTL, MCL and it also offers speech testing via headphones or free field. 

The Primus range of audiometers is developed by Auditdata who are also well known for developing the NHS Auditbase PMS.

Features to set it apart:

  • Calibration stored in the plugs of the transducer. Which means all you have to do to get your system calibrated is to plug in a new set of earphones which can be set to you through our SWAP calibration service.
  • With Auditdata Asset Management cloud service you can keep an overview of all your transducers and their calibration status so you know what you have and when it needs calibrating.
  • Comes with specialist test: HTL, MCL, UCL, BCL, FF, FF-A, Weber test, Hughson-Westlake, SISI Test, TEN Test
  • Audiometer – Air conduction audiometry (DD45), bone conduction (B71 transducer)
  • Includes Counselling module 
  • E-learning for all installations easy to access and use at any time
  • Includes 12 months calibration
  • 3 year warranty
  • It’s small and light so can be easily transported for home visits DIMENSIONS: 167 x 110 x 32 mm (181 x 115 x 94 mm with cover) and 375 g (550 g with cover)

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