OTOSCOPE – Video AI Otoscope – HearScope

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Newly released, Affordable video otoscope designed specifically for Audiology. Can be plugged directly into a computer or into phone. This is the first video otoscope to automatically classify conditions of the ear in real time. Made by hearX an international innovative company in the world of Audiology grounded in evidence base.

  • High quality video and pictures.
  • Automatic image classification – receive an instantaneous image classification
    when capturing images. The ear condition categories are continually updated
    to classify more pathologies of the eardrum and to improve the confidence
    levels. Currently classifications as normal, obstruction, perforation, abnormal.
  • Real-time viewing and video without delays.
  • Auto focus
  • Variable magnification
  • Auto crop and zoom – enables the app to remove specula edges when taking
  • Capture images whilst recording a video.
  • Multiple specula included. Convenient range of specula included to fit ears of
    all sizes (2x 3mm; 2x 4mm; 2x 5mm).
  • Optional: View hearScope™ images in the cloud on any computer connected
    to the internet. Share images with patients and colleagues.

Connections: supplied with USB connection, appropriate adaptor is needed for use
with mobile devices.

Box includes: Video otoscope and case

Note: not supplied with android device

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