SAM MS Microsuction Pump

£754.00 excl. VAT

UK made. Lead time on orders up to 10 days.

This unit is specifically designed for microsuction.

Note: Ordered direct so lead time can be up to 2 weeks.


  • Vacuum 0 to 0.85 bar / 0 to 650 mmHg.
  • Flow rate 30 l/min.
  • Collection Jars 1 x 2 litre Unit.
  • Dimensions 38 x 45 x 20 (H x W x D cm).
  • Weight 10kg.
  • Noise Level 50dB.
  • It carries a CE mark for medical Suction.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

You can choose the type of collection bottle. Our preference is the UK made Vacsax, we also sell the liners for these.

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