What is the Best PPE for Audiologists and Ear Care Professionals?

The best PPE for audiologist

Keeping ourselves & other safe. The ongoing importance of finding the best PPE for audiologists and ear care professionals

Quality PPE and the supply of it was long an issue for the UK as we battled the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic back in in 2020. Now, in 2021, PPE has become an established staple for all people-facing organisations, as well as the public in general.

The situation has certainly become better with a healthier looking supply chain for essential PPE. It is, howevefr, important to obtain quality PPE. Equipment that is not manufactured to the correct international quality standards continues to leak into the UK in a response to the demand for quantity at a low price.

As we emerge from what we hope to be the last lockdown in the UK, even with the successful vaccine roll-out having a positive impact on infection and transmission rates, it is sensible to assume that frontline services dealing with the public in close-contact, will remain vigilant to virus protection for many months to come. As such, the demand for quality and reliable PPE within the audiology and other healthcare sectors will continue.

Supplies Hear offers a carefully selected range of PPE. This allows us to supply certified, quality goods to our partners and colleagues working on the front-line. NHS partners and hearing test centres can continue to assess and treat patients in safety.

Our extensive range includes all the essential PPE gear, including medical face masks, safety glasses, disposable examination gloves, disposable aprons and other products. For further information click here.

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