Use artificial intelligence to diagnose hearing problems with the new hearScope otoscope.

Why you need a hearScope

Newly released, the hearScope is an affordable otoscope from hearX that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose hearing problems using a smartphone. This means audiologists can reach more patients more efficiently.

How does the hearScope work?

Who would have thought a few years ago that you would be able to test someone’s hearing without being in the same room, or even the same town as them? Since the release of first digital otoscope, technology has come on in leaps and bounds. This device now offers audiologists exceptional image quality and is very easy to use.

The hearScope otoscope comes equipped with a clever AI image classification feature which offers instantaneous results by plugging it directly into a computer or phone. It focuses in on thousands of tympanic membrane images diagnosed by ENT specialists. The video otoscope then classifies the image into either normal, wax obstruction, chronic perforation or abnormal.

We should point out that that the hearScope is not intended to be standalone diagnostic tool. It provides users with a confidence rating and the ear condition categories are being updated continuously to support more ear conditions.

How accurate is the hearScope?

A great reason to buy a hearScope online is its accuracy. The manufacturers say that it can classify normal tympanic membranes with an accuracy of 99% and wax obstruction is 100% accurate. Chronic perforations also achieve an impressive 98% accuracy. If an abnormal result is shown, the high probability of a pathology present in the ear will recommend that the individual opts for a professional examination.

Why should you buy a hearScope for your practice?

To sum up, there are several convincing reasons why you should buy a hearScope.

  • First and foremost – to test people’s hearing remotely.
  • To support health practitioners to examine patients.
  • It reduces medical expenses.
  • You can increase the speed of diagnosis of ear diseases.
  • It gives real time viewing with no delays.
  • The image has variable magnification, auto crop and can capture images. from video for sharing.
  • There is a range of specula to fit ears of all sizes.
  • At £280 (excl VAT) from Supplies Hear is is very affordable.

To find out more do get in touch with us, or visit the manufacturer’s website.

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